Ultra safe and indestructible

1s detects malicious requests, 2S quickly blocks attacks, and has powerful cleaning technology.

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Ultra safe and indestructible
Shared Edition
Standalone version
Experience Edition

Suitable for non-profit websites

DDoS Defense :50Gbps/s
QPS Concurrent:5W QPS
Accelerated flow package:100G
CC protection rules:AI
Acceleration node:5
Forwarding port:1
Domain name record:1
SLA guarantee rate:98%
Enterprise Edition

Profitable small websites

DDoS Defense :100Gbps/s
QPS Concurrent:10W QPS
Accelerated flow package:500G
CC protection rules:AI
Acceleration node:30
Forwarding port:8
Domain name record:8
SLA guarantee rate:99%
SEO crawler back to source:yes
Commercial edition

E-commerce and financial websites

DDoS Defense :100Gbps/s
QPS Concurrent:50W QPS
Accelerated flow package:800G
CC protection rules:AI
Acceleration node:100
Forwarding port:30
Domain name record:30
SLA guarantee rate:99.5%
SEO crawler back to source:yes
Inclusive Pro

Profitable small websites

DDoS Defense :200Gbps
QPS Concurrent:100W QPS
Bandwidth peak:30Mbps
CC protection rules:AI
Acceleration node:100
Forwarding port:50
Domain name record:50
SLA guarantee rate:99.99%
Enterprise Pro

Profitable small websites

DDoS Defense :300Gbps/s
QPS Concurrent:200W QPS
Bandwidth peak:50Mbps
CC protection rules:AI
Acceleration node:100
Forwarding port:100
Domain name record:100
SLA guarantee rate:99.99%
SEO crawler back to source:yes
Business Pro

E-commerce and financial websites

DDoS Defense :300Gbps/秒
QPS Concurrent:300W QPS
Bandwidth peak:100Mbps
CC protection rules:AI
Acceleration node:100
Forwarding port:200
Domain name record:200
SLA guarantee rate:99.99%
SEO crawler back to source:yes
Attack protection expert:1V1

Global DDoS

The self-developed cloud armor DDoS cleaning system, an internationally leading heterogeneous high-performance architecture, can easily defend against DDoS attacks of various scales. VIP defense strategies are customized to protect business security to the greatest extent.。

CC attack defense

Single machine tens of millions of CC attack defense capabilities, self-developed ge-ai intelligent CC defense engine, multi-dimensional interactive behavior detection, effective defense against various variants of CC attacks and headless browser attacks。

Network wide intelligent acceleration

DDoS cleaning and acceleration centers covering five continents around the world are directly connected to the three networks of Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. The global delay is less than 50ms. At the same time, they can intelligently cache data and reduce the pressure on the source server。

Intelligent load balancing

The integrated load balancing function in the gewaf system can provide users with a variety of back-end service load balancing algorithms and fault migration algorithms. The traffic is evenly distributed among back-end services, and the performance is guaranteed.

Experience steps







1. Log in to the CDN console to open the CDN service according to the opening wizard, and select the billing mode according to your actual business needs;;

2. If you have already subscribed to CDN service, please skip to the next step.。


1. Package description: if you need larger accelerated traffic packages, higher DDoS Defense capabilities, annual payment discounts, etc., please contact the business manager for customization。

2. Billing cycle: billing by natural month. (billing time: usually the first day of the next natural month after the end of the current billing cycle)

3. The default route is the high-quality Hong Kong two-way cn2 line, and the attacked route is the Los Angeles node in the United States. The customized exclusive acceleration cluster is supported

4. All packages do not support refund for non CDN reasons


1. Log in to the CDN console;

2. Select "website management" in the left navigation bar to enter the my website page;

3. In the my website interface, click Add to configure the domain name parameters in the pop-up dialog box;

4. Click OK to complete the configuration. The configuration takes about 2-5 minutes. When the "status" is "enabled", the domain name is successfully added;

5.Confirm whether the back to source host needs to be modified. If necessary, please refer to the back to source host configuration to complete the configuration。


After the domain name is added, the default back to source host is the accelerated domain name. In the following two cases, you need to modify your back to source host in time, otherwise the back to source may fail. If you connect the object bucket as the source site to the CDN in the form of "source site domain name", you need to customize the back to source host as the domain name of your object bucket. If your source site is bound to multiple site domain names, you need to confirm whether to modify the source host to indicate the site domain name where the resource is located。


1. Log in to the cloud resolution service console;

2. In the left menu bar, select "domain name resolution > public domain resolution" to enter the public domain name list page;

3. In the row of the domain name of the recordset to be added, click the domain name in the domain name column;

4. Click Add recordset to enter the add recordset page;

5. Fill in the parameter configuration according to the interface prompts;

6. Click OK to finish adding。


1.The CNAME domain name obtained by the accelerated domain name in the CDN service cannot be accessed directly. The CNAME record must be configured at the domain name service provider of the accelerated domain name;

2. For CNAME configuration methods at other DNS service providers, refer to。


1. After configuring CNAME, CNAME takes effect at different times for different DNS service providers. You can verify whether CNAME takes effect in the following ways. Open the CMD program in the windows operating system and enter the command "NSLOOKUP -qt=cname acceleration domain name". If CNAME is echoed, it means that the CNAME configuration has taken effect。


1. After verifying that the CNAME has taken effect, it is recommended that you go to the cache preheating interface to manually warm up the cache, and preheat the source site resources to the CDN node in advance, so that users can directly obtain the resources from the CDN node when they visit your website for the first time without taking time to go back to the source. Please refer to cache refresh and cache warm-up for specific operations;

2. You can configure the expiration time rule for one or some cache resources in the CDN node. After the set expiration time is reached, when the user requests resources from the CDN node, the CDN will directly pull the corresponding latest resources back to the source station and return them to the user, and cache them in the CDN node. See cache configuration for specific configuration details。

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